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I'M Chelcie.

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I’ve always believed we must tackle the root cause if we want true healing. Treating the symptoms is just like mowing the weeds. But its amazing what happens when we dig a little deeper and pull the weeds so that they never come back!

 A Myofunctional Therapist, educator and partner in yours and your kids health journey! I am a Momma of two and am so blessed I came across this information to help my own kids. It has created a passion for me to educate, treat and help other families on this journey! 

My courses will help you breathe, sleep and thrive to help uncover the most refreshed version of you and your kids.

"Chelcie has helped us so much with my 5yo mouth breather! We were able to cancel his adenoidectomy and improve his bed wetting immensely since working with her!!! highly recommend!."

Nina H. 

"I was hesitant to work with anyone regarding my 12 yo son’s tongue tie because he had already had 2 revisions, one at 2 weeks old and one at 6 yrs old. Neither time were we ever told about myofuntional therapy as a congruent therapy. I knew that issues could arise down the road as he got older so I connected with Chelsie for an evaluation and info. She explained everything so well and despite the other two revisions, my son still had the highest level tongue tie you can have. I knew then we had some major work to do. When I connected with Chelcie I instantly felt at home and like my son was going to have great results this time around. Chelcie is extremely knowledgeable, kind and easy to work with. We were able to do everything via zoom and she found a great doctor for us! We have had amazing success this time around. My son’s tension in his shoulders is gone, he is CHEWING his food now, he swallow’s completely different and has even started to enjoy different food textures he would have never tried before. We are extremely happy with our results and Chelcie was such a blessing to our family!"

Amanda L.
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