We must tackle the root cause if we want true healing. Treating the symptoms is just like mowing the weeds. They will be back at some point.


Just because something is COMMON does not mean that it is NORMAL.


Our breathing and airway health is EVERYTHING.



While many would describe me as a mother, wife, and small business owner, in the realm of myofunctional therapy, my goal is to spread this information to every mom out there. I am dedicated to offering the most current and effective therapy while also ensuring it is affordable and accessible to all who require it.

I aim to be a partner in your and your child's health journey. In today's world, we're often persuaded to believe that quick fixes are the only solution. However, I'm here to advocate that relying solely on temporary solutions will only take us so far. You and your children deserve more than that. Let's break free from the common narritive and begin building our health from the ground up.

Join  me on a journey to establish a solid foundation of breathing, sleep, and jaw growth and development for ourselves and our children. I assure you, you won't regret it.




When my daughter was born, we experienced a familiar story, one I hear from many other moms. As I embarked on my breastfeeding journey, it seemed like all the pediatricians cared about was my daughter's weight gain, overlooking the painful breastfeeding and concerns. My concerns weren't being heard but my mommy gut was telling me something wasn't right.  

This journey prompted me to seek answers, discovering that my daughter was tongue-tied. This revelation led me into the world of airway dentistry. It was a pivotal moment that caused me to leave my 11-year career in dental hygiene, become certified as a specialist in orofacial myofunctional therapy, and I haven't looked back since!

Now, six years into practicing myofunctional therapy, my passion and drive to educate and provide treatment are stronger than ever. I've witnessed the life-changing impact of this treatment and consider myself fortunate to be able to help transform lives through this therapy!

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"After just 3 weeks of working with Chelcie, my son has made some massive shifts from mouth breathing. I am seeing changes in his sleep and bedwetting."

Marissa L.

"After tonsil and adenoid surgery we were hopeful to see my son's symptoms go away. However that wasn't the case. Chelcie's course OOH was the missing piece of the puzzle. My son is now nasal breathing and the snoring is gone."

Jessica P.